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Rabbi Moshe Hauer

Purim 2021: Marking a Year Since Our World Turned Upside Down

February 25, 2021, by

In the coming days, Jews will celebrate the Purim festival, a holiday built on the theme of how everything can instantly be turned upside down. In the original Purim story, a day dedicated to the destruction of the Jews became the day of their triumph, while the gallows prepared for the Jewish leader Mordechai were

Closing the Door: A Pandemic Chanukah Gift

December 10, 2020, by

This Chanukah we must learn to celebrate the gift of a closed door. Yeshayahu (26:20) said: “Go my people, come into your chambers and close your door behind you, hide for a moment until the wrath passes.” It is this verse that the Talmud (Bava Kamma 60b) cites in providing its own public health guidance

The Day that the Sun Set at Noon¹: Mourning Two Torah Greats

December 2, 2020, by

Sunday, 21 MarCheshvan 5781, November 8, 2020, was a profoundly sad day for Orthodox Jewry worldwide, as it buried two great rabbinic leaders, Rabbi Dovid Feinstein and Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. Both were prominent and integral leaders within Orthodoxy, Rabbi Feinstein a preeminent Posek and Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Sacks an intellectual giant and master communicator and

A 2020 Vision for Communal Teshuva

September 23, 2020, by

The High Holiday season is a time for teshuva and reflection, to consider where we are and where we ought to be. And while we may be accustomed to understanding the teshuva process as an individual experience, there certainly is room for us to engage in teshuva as a community, particularly this year. But do

Running a Jewish Day School Just Got a Lot More Expensive — and Parents Shouldn’t Be the Only Ones Paying the Price

August 20, 2020, by

The coronavirus pandemic has made it even more difficult to expect parents alone to bear the huge costs of educating their children. During the past few months, online instruction has become our new normal. This critical innovation has salvaged our children’s education, but it’s inferior to in-person instruction and requires a higher level of parental