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Motty Goldstein

Traveling in South Africa – Part II

January 16, 2019, by

In our last column we recounted some of the itinerary of a pair of clients on their tour of South Africa. As we said, South Africa is a wonderful destination for the Orthodox traveler, home to beautiful scenery, fascinating attractions, and bountiful Kosher food. Considering that this week’s Parashah is talking about the Jewish people’s

Traveling in South Africa

January 2, 2019, by

Is this week’s parsha the first time the Torah mentions an itinerary? דרך שלשת ימים נלך במדבר, “A trip of three days we shall take in the wilderness…” (Shemot 8:23) Interestingly, the Maharal, in Netzach Yisroel, uses this verse as a proof text that a journey is not considered a “far” one, unless it is

Deciphering Travel Jargon

December 19, 2018, by

The Jewish people have long been known as “The People of the Book.” Language, the meaning of words and phrases, and wrapping complicated concepts in shorthand terms, are familiar ideas to anyone who has gone through our educational system. In fact, this week’s Parashah – Vayechi – has an interesting example of where Chazal knew

Choosing the Right Hotel and Tips for a Safe Vacation

December 5, 2018, by

Choosing the right hotel is one of the most important parts of your vacation. After all, it’s the place you leave from in the morning, ready to start your day, and where you return in the evening for relaxation and a good night’s sleep, so you can wake up refreshed and ready to go. Everyone’s