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Lisa Alcalay Klug

Jerusalem Walking Tours

May 29, 2008, by

On June 7th, 1967, East and West Jerusalem were reunited. When the Israeli flag was proudly raised above the Western Wall, some of the battle-weary paratroopers who had fought to regain the Old City from Jordanian control were overcome with emotion — and burst into tears. Army Chief Chaplain Shlomo Goren blew the shofar as

Beautiful Barcelona

December 27, 2007, by

Deep in the heart of Barcelona’s Old City, street signs with Catalan names such as Carrer de Montjuic, Jewish Mountain Street, speak of a Jewish presence. Certain walls contain barely decipherable Hebrew inscriptions from eroded Jewish tombstones. And an elegant stone tablet displays beautiful Hebrew letters commemorating the 12th century rabbi Shmuel HaSareri. Although some

Jerusalem Beginnings

November 14, 2007, by

As afternoon arrives in Jerusalem, the sun gently infuses the city walls with their legendary golden color. Among a group of 40 English speakers on a lookout platform in the ancient City of David, it suddenly became clear to me that this is exactly where Jerusalem began and the Bible comes alive. True to the

Jerusalem’s Twin: Where the Ramban Walked

October 11, 2007, by

With their narrow passageways and cobblestone streets, picturesque Girona and Jerusalem’s Old City share more than just a certain outward appearance. As early as the 12th century, artists from this Catalan city portrayed Jerusalem and its Jewish residents in a magnificent tapestry depicting the creation story. And Girona’s most illustrious Jewish resident, Moses ben Nachman,

The Israel Museum

July 18, 2007, by

Although the Romans stole ancient Israel’s greatest treasures with the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash, the richest collection of Jewish artifacts, archaeological finds and works of art still resides in Jerusalem. Fittingly, you’ll find it all across the street from the Knesset, the parliamentary headquarters, at the Israel Museum. Several departments comprise the museum, including

Neot Kedumim

June 20, 2007, by

In summer, fig trees bear their succulent fruit. In the fall, boughs of olives suggest the impending harvest. By winter, citrons hang heavy with their magnificent scent. And by spring, flowers call forth the arrival of Passover. This is Neot Kedumim, Israel’s biblical landscape reserve. With relevant selections from the Bible and other ancient texts

New York, New York…

April 19, 2007, by

Each Passover, masses of New Yorkers experience their annual exodus from the city for warmer climes. But countless others pour into town to spend sedarim with friends and relatives. Whether your visit comes during Pesach, before or after, with its perennial offerings–Broadway shows, gourmet kosher dining, day spa escapes and sight-seeing–the city that never sleeps,

Dolphin Reef

March 29, 2007, by

The sun is bright, the water calm. At the end of my fingertips, a dolphin floats by waiting to be petted. It’s been weeks since my last visit to Dolphin Reef Eilat, a unique attraction in Israel’s southernmost city, on the shores of the Red Sea. But the experience of swimming with these gentle marine