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Julian Voloj

Vandals in the Cemetery

January 23, 2008, by

In the days following New Year’s, New Jersey’s Poile Zedek Cemetery was visited by vandals who knocked over nearly 500 tombstones on two separate sprees of destruction. The police in New Brunswick said that “there’s nothing to indicate it’s a bias crime.” The community began repair work Sunday, with a thorough cataloging of the damage –

A Visual Taste of Jewish New York

June 26, 2007, by

The German-born photographer and writer Julian Voloj explores aspects of identity and heritage in his work. In 2003 Julian Voloj was awarded with the Second Prize at the Washington Post Annual Photography Contest. Voloj was commissioned to portrait “Jewish New York” for the book “A Living Lens”, a book that Jonathan Safran Foer called “not

Forgotten Heritage

December 7, 2006, by

The Ten Commandments in the façade of a supermarket, a Star of David above the entrance of a Baptist church, a Hebrew date in the cornerstone of an apartment building. My photographs are images of Jewish traces, remnants of a once thriving Jewish culture. But these images were not taken in Poland, the Ukraine, or