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Judy Mollen Walters

In Defense of Small Weddings

October 30, 2017, by

We were not surprised when our daughter announced her engagement this past spring. She and her fiancé had been together for two and a half years by then, maintaining their intercontinental relationship as they traveled back and forth between his home in England and hers here in the U.S. while they finished their degrees. By

When Death Comes Around the High Holidays

September 28, 2017, by

When I was a little girl in Hebrew School, September and October always came with the teaching of the High Holidays, of course. The image that always stuck with me most – from year to year – was that of God writing in his Book of Life – which I’d always pictured as big and

When You Need Another Mother to Do the Mothering For You

September 11, 2017, by

It was late on a Tuesday evening when my 23 year old daughter texted me that she had been having chills, a 101 degree fever, and a rash had broken out all over her body. She was 1,000 miles away in a town I’d never seen, doing her required summer internship between her first and