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Joyce Schur

Joyce Schur is a writer, an editor, and a veteran of the war on cancer. She has been interviewed by Fox News and Oprah magazine as an advocate for BRCA genetic testing, especially among women of Ashkenazic Jewish descent.

Mr. Fisher Goes to Washington

June 29, 2011, by

On June 14-15, 2011, twelve Orthodox Jewish college students who are active participants in JLIC (Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus) attended the OU’s IPA (Institute for Public Affairs) annual mission to Washington DC. As one of those participants, I have chosen to write about the experience from a student’s perspective. I am currently enrolled as

Inaugural Address of OU’s New President, Dr. Simcha Katz

January 19, 2011, by

On Sunday, January 16, at the Biennial National Convention of the Orthodox Union in Woodcliff Lake, NJ, Dr. Simcha Katz officially assumed the position of the 13th President of the OU. With semicha from the RIETS Seminary of Yeshiva University, with graduate degrees in engineering, business and finance, with 25 years of involvement in the

We Wanted to Dance

June 14, 2007, by

We wanted to clap, we wanted to sing, we wanted to dance. But then we didn’t. Because we were too concerned about how we’d end up looking, although Sarah didn’t care and neither did Marlee. But you remember Sarah and Marlee, don’t you? In 1986, a young Jewish woman from Chicago won an Oscar for