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Joanne Palmer

‘As Much as I Taught, I Learned’

January 7, 2021, by

Things change. They remain the same. The world changes around us but the people in the world don’t change. At our best, we adapt. Yachad is the Orthodox Union’s program for people with developmental disabilities and other learning challenges. Its motto is “Because Everyone Belongs,” and it lives out those words in visible and often

The Community Confronts Substance Abuse

February 13, 2020, by

After they finally saw the cues that they’d been missing for years, after they realized that their second child, their brilliant daughter Elana, who had appeared to be dealing with a series of issues for years but seemingly was able to handle them, was deep in the grip of substance abuse, after they helped her

Yachad does it all together

December 12, 2019, by

There’s something about Yachad that makes people keep coming back to it. Yachad is the Orthodox Union-run organization that provides programs, services, advocacy, support, and love to people with disabilities and their families. You would think that its work, while worthy, is unglamorous, and that its pull would be more to a volunteer’s obligation than

Together Through Life

November 20, 2018, by

From the outside, it looks like a regular office building, but once you go inside, you realize that although it’s not particularly new, the developers had been ahead of their time in their understanding of light. There’s light everywhere in New Jersey Yachad’s new Teaneck offices, shining in through big windows that are placed on