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Devora Lifshutz

Reflections on Being a Loser at Jewish Geography

March 3, 2014, by

“And tell me, where did you used to daven?” It was an innocent question, e-mailed by a stranger seeking my advice about something or other. As the e-mails flew between us, we discovered that we’d grown up in the same neighborhood. Small world, right? She followed up with the usual questions about my maiden name (mine

Holy Bananas

August 14, 2008, by

This winter, the bananas were missing from my greengrocer’s’ shelves. It was (and for a few more weeks, still is) a Sabbatical or Shmita year, the seventh year in the Torah’ s agricultural cycle when there is no planting and the land, quite literally, rests. Having lived in Israel for close to a quarter of

The Krechtz Dance

April 3, 2008, by

It was two days to Passover and I was in my car again with five kids squashed into four seats. We were on our way to a mall, to do a bulk load up, food and cleaning supplies and new clothes for the kids. It wasn’t my idea of a good time, our glatt kosher