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David Bogner

…in our hands

May 29, 2008, by

Every year I hold a private celebration of the reunification of Jerusalem. It is a treasured ritual whereby I lock the door to my office, turn off the lights, place a box of tissues within easy reach and listen to the entire crackly radio broadcast of journalist Yossi Ronen accompanying the IDF paratroops as they

A Gang of Big Tough Bikers…

May 1, 2008, by

… with folded pink dinner napkins perched daintily on their heads. That presents an ‘interesting’ mental image, doesn’t it? My wife and I recently took our kids to spend a weekend at a Field School. First a little background for the non-Israelis reading along: Field schools are located all over the country and are often

“Sometimes People Need to Move”

March 20, 2008, by

The title of this post is a statement made by US Ambassador to Israel Richard H. Jones yesterday after touring several overcrowded Jerusalem neighborhoods. I pulled it from a Jerusalem Post article infuriatingly entitled, “US concerned over building in Jerusalem”. Although not specifically stated in the article, such a tour should have caused any reasonably

And so it begins again…

February 7, 2008, by

It started as a small change in the tone of conversation in the office. I had my head down so I barely noticed the shift from boisterous, animated conversation to the more subdued murmur of concern. Several people were gathered near someone’s desk looking over their shoulder at the computer screen. A woman walked past

A Cab Ride From Beer Sheva to Beirut

December 13, 2007, by

OK, truth be told, I didn’t actually take a taxi to the capital of Hezbollah-land. But judging by the number of cabs who flatly refused to take me from Beer Sheva to my home in Efrat the other night, you would have thought that Lebanon was indeed my destination. It was about 10:00PM and I

My Most Memorable Thanksgiving Meal Was One I Didn’t Eat

November 21, 2007, by

Many years ago when our daughter Ariella was just two, and our son Gilad was a newborn, our extended family was scheduled to converge on the family compound (my parent’s house in Westport) for a traditional New England Thanksgiving dinner. For as long as anyone could remember my mom & dad had been hosting the

“Allah is a mouse?!”

August 23, 2007, by

Being an immigrant to any new culture means having nearly limitless opportunities to humiliate oneself. The cultural and linguistic land-mines that await the newcomer to Israel are so numerous as to force the newbie to constantly choose between the following options: 1. Stay close to home and only interact with folks from the ‘old country’…

Not My Story…

April 12, 2007, by

Not too long ago I found myself in Zichron Yaakov on business with a few coworkers. I hadn’t been there since the summer of 2002 when Zahava and I visited this charming little winery town (the Carmel Mizrahi winery is its cornerstone), and I had nearly forgotten about this picturesque community overlooking the Mediterranean. My

The Rental Cello… an Israeli story

February 22, 2007, by

My company recently finished a long and complex project in which we had partnered with a German company. This project required several engineers and specialists from the German company to spend extended periods of time here in Israel. On one such scheduled visit that was to last three weeks, one of the German engineers decided

‘Ma Pitom?!’, and Other Inscrutable Israeli Expressions

December 21, 2006, by

One of the [many] things I enjoy about my job is that it affords me the opportunity to interact with Israelis from all parts of our rich national/cultural tapestry. The people with whom I work are secular, observant, traditional, leftist, rightist, Sephardim, Ashkenazim, Edot HaMizrach (eastern communities)… you name it! Unlike in the US where