Chana Jenny Weisberg

Chana Jenny Weisberg

Chana Jenny Weisberg is the creator of and is a stay-home mother of 6 children living in Jerusalem with her husband Rabbi Joshua Weisberg. Originally from Baltimore, Chana Jenny has devoted her non-mom time over the past decade to providing inspiration and encouragement for other Jewish moms through her popular books Expecting Miracles and One Baby Step at a Time, inspirational articles, the Jewish Mom video series, as well as her popular website

Gingerbread Houses and Crashing Economies

February 12, 2009, by

I light my Shabbat candles, but it doesn’t help one bit. A 200-pound barbell is still balanced across my shoulders. Relative to many others, we have only been scratched and not crushed by the stock market crash and current economic crisis. Thank G-d, my husband still has a job, we still have food on the

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