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Rabbi Chaim Jachter

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Rabbi Chaim Jachter has earned an international reputation as a Get (Jewish Divorce) Administrator, consultant for community Eruvin and a prolific writer. His publications include a series of four well-received books entitled Gray Matter on contemporary topics in Jewish Law. He is a veteran teacher of Judaic Studies at Torah Academy of Bergen County, Rabbi of Congregation Shaarei Orah (the Sephardic Congregation of Teaneck) and Dayan on the Beit Din of Elizabeth. Rabbi Jachter has lectured on topics of significance at a wide variety of venues worldwide. Rabbi Jachter lives with his wife and five children in Teaneck, New Jersey.

The Stiff-Necked People: The Perfect Nation to Receive the Torah

June 11, 2018, by

Throughout our history[1] the Jews have received many appellations.  Among the more famous – and positive – are “The Chosen People”, “People of the Book”, “Eternal People”, and “Light unto the Nations.”  Exodus chapter 32 finds our ancestors receiving yet another tag – one that evokes mixed feelings, yet in whose depth may lie the

An Introduction to Archaeology and Tanakh

May 29, 2018, by

There have been extensive archaeological excavations conducted in the Middle East during the past two hundred years. There are some who seek to marshal evidence from these discoveries to disprove the authenticity of the Tanakh.  Orthodox scholars, such as Rabbi Amnon Bazak, have presented a cogent response to such criticism. Many of the stunning discoveries