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Ashley Farnell, The Culinary Magician

WALES, All Castles and Dragons

As a youngster growing up, many family vacations were spent in Wales. A country of amazing culture, history, sights and countryside especially in the North where we visited frequently. The view of Mount Snowdown, from the village of Capel Curig Wales is located on a peninsula in central-west Great Britain. It is about the size

Aruba Delicacies

Last winter I had the pleasure of visiting the Dutch-influenced Caribbean island of Aruba. It is situated about 15 miles off the northern coast of Venezuela, but belongs to the group of islands known as “The Netherlands Antilles” which includes Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, also known as the ABC islands. It is a very warm

Passover in Paradise

The phone rang at home last fall and a voice said “Is this Ashley Farnell?”“Yes,” I replied.“Ashley Farnell the kosher chef?” again I replied “yes”, now wondering if this is some crank call trying to sell me something. “Do you do Passover cooking? “Yes” again, being very weary of what I was getting myself into.

Soups and Stews

As winter approaches it’s that time of year when people want to eat warming comfort foods, such as soups and stews, prepared ahead of time and easily heated or left in the crock pot, to greet you when you arrive home from a cold day out. Soup Soup is a savory liquid food that is

Newcastle Upon Tyne

After leaving Holland and going back to England to work I settled in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north east of England. It is steeped in history from Roman times. Benwell, in the western suburbs of Newcastle upon Tyne was the site of a fort on Hadrian’s Wall called CONDERCUM. The later name of Benwell

ROTTERDAM – “The Gateway to Europe”

After leaving chefs school and working in England for the first 2 years, I decided to broaden my knowledge and culinary skills and apply for work in Europe. After sending many resumes to various places around Europe, I settled on working at the Hilton international in Rotterdam, Holland. It was one of the finest 4