Shavuos 5779

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What is Torah LiShmah? (It’s much easier to define תורה שלא לשמה). Is it something attainable for the masses?

The Rambam says even learning for the spiritual reward is considered שלא לשמה, rather תורה לשמה is learning because one loves God and wishes to draw closer to Him. This is the ultimate goal, what should a person’s goal be while learning?

Rav Chaim Volozhin and the Baal HaTanya on the meaning of the Torah LiShmah:

The Baal HaTanya says the ultimate goal is to achieve dveykus through learning. Rav Chaim Volozhin

What does a person hope to achieve from his learning vs. with what is a person’s mind occupied while learning?

When Moshe went up to receive the Torah he had to engage in debate with the angels (Shabbos 88) and he proves to them that clearly it doesn’t apply to them and it should be given to man. Didn’t they read it first? The connection between this debate and the statement that on Shavuot all agree that part of the day must be spent eating and drinking, etc. because it was the day the Torah was given (Pesachim 68).