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Rabbi Anthony Manning

Rabbi Anthony Manning

Kitniyot Conundrums

April 17, 2019, by

When ashkenazim go to sephardi homes, what can they eat, what is the status of the plates and utensils? The origin of kitniyot and the concern about chametz getting mixed in with kitniyot. Kitniyot cannot become chametz, the concern is chametz getting mixed in (since chametz is asur b’mashehu). Kitniyot is not actual chametz and […]

Taanit Bechorot

April 11, 2019, by

What is the origin of the fast of the firstborn? Why do we fast? Most of the Ashkenazi Rishonim quote it but it’s not clearly sourced in the Gemara, it is discussed in מסכת סופרים. The Gemara records that Rebbe fasted on Erev Pesach but not because he was a bechor but because he was […]