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Jewish Holidays

A Glimpse into the Upper Worlds

September 21, 2016, by

“I appoint, today, as your witnesses the heavens and the earth…” Devarim 30:19 On his last day of life, Moshe Rabbeinu addresses the Klal Yisrael. After a thorough explanation of the vast rewards and ghastly punishments that hinge on the choices made, he offers a final note: Let the heavens and the earth bear witness. […]

Interruptions During Tekias Shofar: An In-Depth Shiur

September 16, 2016, by

Silent Interruption vs. Interruption of Extraneous Shofar-Sound Each group of shofar blasts is comprised of three sets which are in turn comprised of three sounds: tekiah-shevarim-tekiah, tekiah-teruah-tekiah, and tekiah-shevarim/teruah-tekiah. Each set of three sounds is blown three times in succession for a total of nine sounds, and that is what constitutes a full group. What […]

Maaseh D’Magentza (Part II of In-Depth Shiur)

September 15, 2016, by

Part I here What Occurred and the Variant Opinions The Rosh mentions that in the town of Magentza (Mainz, Germany), in the year 4995 (1145) the following occurred during tekias shofar: in the third set of the tekiah-shevarim/teruah-tekiah group, the shofar blower accidentally started blowing the teruah after only two shevarim blasts. He realized his […]

Double Days

September 9, 2016, by

Of all the holidays in the Jewish calendar, only Rosh Hashanah is mandated as a two day holiday both within and outside Eretz Yisroel. Why is this so? Rabbi Dessler in Sanctuaries in Timegives us the simplest, most practical answer. As the Torah commanded, the new moon was to be proclaimed based on the accounts […]

The Shofar: A Mother’s Cry

September 6, 2016, by

How many shofar blasts must be heard on Rosh Hashana? The search for the answer to this question led the Sages to a most unlikely personality. One hundred blasts of the shofar are based on the one hundred cries of the mother of Sisera (Talmud Rosh Hashana 33b). Sisera’s mother peers intently out of the […]

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