Outside the Proverbial Recipe Box for the High Holidays

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26 Aug 2010
Rosh Hashanah

One of the toughest tasks during the High Holidays is to come up with meals that aren’t the same old same old gefilte fish appetizer and brisket and roast chicken entrees. While tradition has its place sometimes you just need to think outside the proverbial recipe box and re-imagine what you might like to serve to start out a special meal.

This year, for a first course let’s try lettuce wraps. Delicious, simple, easy to make ahead of time, really beautiful to see and most importantly, they’re different. The following recipes have all been taste tested and have passed my personal “yes, I’d serve these to my mother” 5 point check list. Some of the ingredients are a little more difficult to find (make sure they have the appropriate kosher certification) but I can suggest that you try the specialty sections or your grocery store.

NOTE: If you can’t find kosher-certified fish sauce or the rice wine I suggest you use the SoyVey products (ie Teriyaki sauce) instead. You can always use a kosher certified Thai peanut sauce in a pinch.