“5-Alive”: Rav Yosef Engel Reveals How Lag BaOmer is the Source of Life

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Why did the 24,000 students of Rebbi Akiva specifically stop dying on Lag BaOmer? Why do we recite Tehillim 67 after counting the Omer? Why is the verse “יודוך עמים אלקים יודוך אלקים כולם” repeated?

Why is the number five associated with gratitude? (Rav Yosef Engel brings nine examples)

What is the connection between Lag BaOmer and it’s sefirah – הוד שבהוד – gratitude and what does that tell us about why the students of Rebbe Akiva stopped dying on that day?

6 connections between gratitude and life.

Shiur provided courtesy of Torah Anytime
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