The Haggadah: My Personal Story

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Why does the Haggadah turn to the declaration made when bringing Bikkurim to tell the story of the Exodus rather than the story itself? What is emphasized in מקרא ביכורים? Why isn’t the verse about coming into the Land of Israel included at the Seder (why don’t we include a fifth cup – והבאתי)?

The only pasuk which makes a direct connection between יציאת מצרים and entering the Land of Israel is the final pasuk of the Haggadah:
ואותנו הוציא משם למען הביא אתנו לתת לנו את הארץ אשר נשבע לאבותינו – דברים ו:כג

The Haggadah is a lesson in how to educate children, we don’t simply tell children the story of the past and that they have mitzvot to fulfill, we do it with them.

Delivered at the OU Israel Center, April 9th, 2019, 4 Nisan 5779