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Jewish Holidays

The Biblical Roots of Chanukah

October 3, 2017, by

Is it simply by chance that Chanuka occurs on the 25th of Kislev?  Most students would answer with a definitive ‘YES’.  After all, doesn’t the word ‘Chanuka’ evolve from the popular acronym, CHANU be-CHAF HEH – they rested [from battle] on the 25th (of Kislev)?  Presumably, then, had the battle ended (and/or had the miracle […]

Zos Chanukah: Unity and Infinity

January 1, 2017, by

Why does the Torah add up the Nesi’im’s offerings, we can do the math!?! Why does it call it “Zos Chanukas HaMizbeach”, indicating that this total is the essence of the dedication of the Mizbeach?

Chanukah: Light vs. Vessels

December 28, 2016, by

The miracle of the oil isn’t mentioned in any historical text & isn’t mentioned in Megilat Taanit as a reason for Chanukah. The Gemara, however mentions it. Why the discrepancy?

VaYigdal Moshe on Chanukah

December 28, 2016, by

Following the victory over the Greeks, the Chashmonaim assumed the monarchy of Klal Yisrael. This, despite the fact that they were Kohanim and not from Shevet Yehudah. They were not descendants of Dovid Ha’Melech. According to the Ramban (in parshas Vayechi), this was a grave error on their part, and caused their ultimate downfall. So […]

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