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Jewish Holidays

Chanukah from the Perspective of Sefer HaMitzvos

May 3, 2018, by

When the Gemara asks מאי חנוכה, it quotes a short excerpt from מגילת תענית including the miracle of the oil. Does the gemara (and the Rambam) deliberately omit the rest of what is written including the re-dedication of the Beit HaMikdash? Chanukah and the prohibition of bal tosif.

Zot Chanukah: 3 Gifts From Heaven

December 21, 2017, by

The Torah reading for Zot Chanukah has 50 verses; why couldn’t Moshe understand the menorah? The gematria of chanukah and the total number of pesukim we read is 89. Shiur provided courtesy of Torah Anytime

Chanukah and Hiddur

December 20, 2017, by

Unlike other mitzvot, there are 3 levels of how to perform the mitzvah of lighting the chanukah menorah. Why is hiddur so integral to the laws of Chanukah?