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Jewish Holidays

The Imperative of Gratitude: Yom Haatzmaut 5779

May 7, 2019, by

The historical development of Yom Haatzmaut as a holiday among Torah-observant Jews. According to the Ramban. part of the commandment of יישוב ארץ ישראל, to settle the Land of Israel, is to cultivate the land, not to leave the land desolate (שממה) and to consider any land other than the Land of Israel as a […]

Is Yom Ha’atzmaut a “Halachic Holiday”?

May 7, 2019, by

Is Yom Haatzmaut a Halachic holiday? Are we allowed to add holidays to the calendar? The Ramban writes that Yeravam commited a sin by adding a holiday to the Jewish Calendar. On the other hand, we have post-Biblical holidays such as Chanukah that commemorate miraculous events. The Chatam Sofer writes that we are biblically obligated […]

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

September 10, 2017, by

Even when redemption is unclear and incomplete, we are still expected to believe that Hashem is somehow revealing the redemption slowly but surely. Rabbi Shalom Hammer’s Sleepless Sermon for Yom Haatzmaut 5769

A Light to the Nation: A Small People; A Great Impact

May 9, 2016, by

…but I will make you a light of nations, so that My salvation shall be until the end of the earth. – Isaiah 49:6 Haters gotta hate. Sadly, this dismissive shorthand for the cruelty of individuals and nations has weighed on Israel too heavily throughout our history.  Our tradition has incorporated it into its teaching.  […]

Inspired by the People

After the murder of Sarah Litman’s father and brother days before her wedding, she chose to marry after shiva – but this time, she invited the entire nation of Israel. In preparing the video, producers Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider and Jeremy Goldscheider met with Sarah Litman and Ariel Beigel, who are the main subjects of the […]

66 of Israel’s Heroes Share a Powerful Message

May 6, 2014, by

This video from Nefesh b’Nefesh celebrates Israel Independence Day with 66 Israeli heroes sharing a powerful message! Hear their stories. Live your dreams. Am Yisrael Chai! See the names below (in order of appearance): 0:22 Natan Sharansky — Chairman of the Executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel 0:27 Rabbi Jerry Epstein — Former VP […]