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Jewish Holidays

Tu B’Shevat, Tu B’Av, and Creation

January 24, 2019, by

Bnei Yissaschar: There is a machloket when the world was created in Nisan (beginning with 25th of Adar) or in Tishrei (beginning with 25th of Elul). Tu B’Shevat is 40 days before the 25th of Adar and Tu B’Av is 40 days before the 25th of Elul. Really the world was created in thought in […]

The Manna, Tu b’Shvat and the 11-Step Process of Tikkun Ha’nefesh

January 18, 2019, by

Self Work, Self Development Avodat Hanefesh, self-development and refinement, have assumed a central place in our generation. Today there are an array of approaches to how one can best understand oneself, deal with one’s particular inner challenges, and actualize one’s unique potential. There are numerous groups and projects, each in it’s own way, focused on […]

What are We Celebrating on Tu B’Shevat?

January 9, 2019, by

In both the list of four new years and the four times a year when the world is judged trees feature prominently. The Torah prohibits cutting down fruit trees because man is compared to a tree. Trees have the ability to continue producing from year to year. Planting in the Land of Israel is significant […]