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Jewish Holidays

Spare Parts

October 4, 2019, by

The holiday of Sukkot is flavored by two distinctly different mitzvoth. The experience of four minim is the most aesthetically pleasing mitzvah and the arrangement is the only object referred to by the Torah as “hadar” or “lovely” and attractive. Each of the four elements references a different feature of nature, and each item conjures […]

L’Dovid Hashem Ori: Forging Connections

October 2, 2019, by

Many years ago, before the common use of cell phones, I had the unfortunate experience of being trapped alone in a hotel elevator in Israel. Although the elevator was stuck for only a few moments, it felt like an eternity. Aside from the overwhelming fear that I experienced, the sense of complete isolation at not […]

From Fear to Festivities

September 27, 2019, by

Fear and trembling. Those have been our primary religious emotions during the past several weeks. Although Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are referred to nowadays as the High Holidays, traditionally they were known as the Days of Awe, Yamim Noraim. Frightful days, fearful days. During this recent time none of us escaped a sense of […]

Lulav & Succah – In Grasp and Over the Head

September 28, 2018, by

The mitzvah of the arba minim and sukkah appear to be opposites. We are required to hold the 4 minim in hand (נטילת לולב) and one is obligated to own his own set. The Sukkah on the other hand envelops us and there’s no concept of לכם. What are the messages of each one? When the […]

The Borders of Eretz Yisrael Encompassed In Your Sukkah: The Abarbanel’s Revolutionary Approach to Sukkot

September 22, 2018, by

Many learn that “חג הסוכות תעשה” is an implicit blessing, if you perform the mitzvah of ישיבת סוכה, you will merit to perform it next year as well. Why is the mitzvah of sukkah a segulah for a long life? Why does it say אני ה’ אלקיכם regarding sukkah? Download the mekorot here Shiur provided courtesy […]

Shiur on Rambam: Hilchos Succah

September 21, 2018, by

רמב”ם סוכה פרק ו The two aspects of the mitzvah of sukkah according to the Rambam are 1) that a person has an obligation to live in the sukkah and 2) that the sukkah is his permanent dwelling during the seven days of sukkot.

All About Hoshanos

September 20, 2018, by

What are Hoshanos? Why do we say them? Why is the schedule the way it is? What’s “Ani Vaho?” Find out all this and more with this colorful, downloadable PDF!