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Jewish Holidays

Chag at Home

September 9, 2020, by

Pursuant to our acclaimed “Sinai at Home” program, OU Torah Initiatives is proud to present Chag at Home, a way for all of us to get our holiday inspiration in this pandemic era. Chag at Home features dozens of packets of educational material – articles, source sheets, family discussions, and more – to enable individuals […]

Meshech Chochmah on Succos

October 7, 2019, by

The Succah and the Arba Minim The mitzvos of the Torah can be divided into two categories: Mitzvos that elevate a person beyond human nature Mitzvos that sanctify and purify human nature Both of these categories are represented by the two mitzvos of Succos. The Succah After a person has worked in the field for […]