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Jewish Holidays

Melacha #31 – M’chateich (Cutting to size)

November 28, 2019, by

The hides were scored to enable them to be cut to pre-measured sizes. This is the melacha of m’chateich. (M’chateich is more than just cutting; it specifically refers to cutting to pre-determined sizes and shapes.) M’chateich applies to virtually all substances except food. One need not use a knife or scissors to cut; m’chateich can […]

Melacha #30 – M’sarteit (Scoring)

October 23, 2019, by

One thing about hides: they come in unusual sizes and shapes. In order to turn the hides into the coverings of the Tabernacle, they had to be cut into appropriately-sized and -shaped pieces. Before this could be done, guidelines had to be drawn into the hide. This is called scoring, the melacha of m’sarteit. Drawing […]

Melachos 32-39

September 10, 2019, by

The rest of the melachos, including writing, erasing, building and demolishing.

Messages of Geulah Through the Prism of Lecha Dodi

August 7, 2019, by

There is an integral link between the beloved liturgy of the Friday night Lecha Dodi tefillah and the timeless prophecies of hope of the Neviim. In this shiur, Mrs. Orlian analyzes the sources and parallels from Tanach that R. Shlomo Alkavetz incorporated within his beautiful piyut. Mrs. Orlian explores the inspiring messages of Geulah  that […]