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Jewish Holidays

Messages of Geulah Through the Prism of Lecha Dodi

August 7, 2019, by

There is an integral link between the beloved liturgy of the Friday night Lecha Dodi tefillah and the timeless prophecies of hope of the Neviim. In this shiur, Mrs. Orlian analyzes the sources and parallels from Tanach that R. Shlomo Alkavetz incorporated within his beautiful piyut. Mrs. Orlian explores the inspiring messages of Geulah  that […]

Melacha #29 – M’macheik (Smoothing)

June 11, 2019, by

After tanning, the hides had to be scraped to remove any stray hair. Scraping a surface to make it smooth is the melacha of m’macheik. This melacha is not limited to animal hides and similar items; sanding a block of wood or scrubbing a pot with steel wool are likewise m’macheik. Even using bar soap […]

Melacha #28 – M’abeid (Tanning)

January 22, 2019, by

The hides that were removed from the animals had to be preserved and transformed into leather. This entailed salting the skins to remove all moisture, stretching the skins to flatten them, and working the leather to make it supple. Collectively, these constitute the process of tanning, though performing any one of them would violate the […]

Melacha #27 – Mafshit (Skinning)

December 19, 2018, by

After the animal was slaughtered, its hide was removed. This is the melacha of mafshit, skinning. The melacha of mafshit can apply to any animal – mammal, fish or bird – that has a skin which can be removed. Mafshit is one of those melachos that one is not likely to encounter very frequently. For […]