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Jewish Holidays

Dimensions in Pesach: The Four Cups on Seder Night

March 22, 2021, by

Background: The Mitzvah One of the central features of Seder night is the mitzvah of drinking four cups of wine. These cups are drunk at various key defining moments of the Seder. Where does this mitzvah come from? The four cups are a rabbinic mitzvah.[1] However, when we consult the words of the Rambam on […]

Pesach: Purity and Goodness

March 22, 2021, by

Everyone in life want to be “good.” Whether it be a good husband, a good wife, a good shidduch or simply a good person. Good in Hebrew is tov with the gematria being 17. What’s good about 17? Firstly, the Mishna in Avot declares that 18 is the time for chuppah. That is because at 18 desires reach their peak. Therefore, up […]

Erev Pesach on Shabbat

March 21, 2021, by

This series is sponsored anonymously in the merit of an aliyat neshama for Matisyahu ben Yisrael, Aharon ben Menachem Lev, and Eliana bat Yaakov. This shiur is sponsored anonymously for the speedy recovery of Avraham Yitzhak ben Rachel Leah by those who love you most.