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Jewish Holidays

The 4 Shabbatot, Shabbat Shekalim, Shabbat Zachor, Shabbat Parah, and Shabbat HaChodesh, fall before and after Purim. On each of the 4 we read a special Maftir and a corresponding Haftarah.

Traveling Through the Temple: King vs. Am Ha’aretz

April 7, 2019, by

The route the king takes through the Beit HaMikdash vs. the path taken by the rest of the people as described by Yechezkel mirrors the difference between a Talmid Chacham and an unlearned person. Why do the people exit through a different gate whereas the king exits using the same gate through which he came? […]

Parshat Zachor and the Dialectic of Jewish Unity

March 14, 2019, by

In the special Torah portion for Zachor, G-d commands the Jewish people to remember the terrible and heinous deeds of the evil Amalek nation. Zachor et asher asah lecha Amalek, baderech betzetchem Memitzrayim, Remember that which Amalek did to you, on the way when you left Egypt, This verse of Zachor is puzzling and unusual, in that […]