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Jewish Holidays

Chanukah: One Last Taste of Sovereignty

November 22, 2021, by

The celebration of Chanukah is most often associated with the dramatic miracle of the menorah oil. After vanquishing the invading Greek armies, it was crucial that the iconic menorah lighting be restarted as quickly as possible to signal the resurgent Jewish victory. Unfortunately, most of the oil in the plundered Temple had been vandalized and […]

Think and Thank

November 22, 2021, by

To receive source sheets for any of Rabbi Glatstein’s shiurim, please email rabbiglatsteinsourcesheets@gmail.com Shiur provided courtesy of Torah Anytime 

To Dream the Im/Possible Dream

November 22, 2021, by

This shiur is sponsored by Debbie & Peter Abelow, Judy & Shmuel Davidovics, and Phyllis & Sandy Zlotnick in memory of our Mother Nisa Ettel bat Mordechai HaCohen a”h, whose 41st Yahrzeit is 14 Kislev.

Yehudit: The Heroine of Chanukah

November 8, 2021, by

OU Israel’s L’Ayla Rosh Chodesh Event is sponsored by the Brachfeld Family in Memory of Mrs. Linda Pruwer Brachfeld, מרת חיה סאשא בת רב יוסף הלל