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Jewish Holidays

Fiery Facets and Faces

December 3, 2018, by

 Shiur provided courtesy of Naaleh.com Adapted by Channie Koplowitz Stein            We are all familiar with the story of Chanukah, of how the Syrian Greeks tried to eradicate the Jewish connection to Hashem by desecrating the Beit Hamikdosh and enacting laws to sever that connection, including even prohibiting speaking Hashem’s name. The miracle unfolds when Hashem helped […]

Reason, Faith and Creativity

December 3, 2018, by

Yavan is referred to as חושך darkness because of the decree of “כתבו לכם על קרן השור אין לכם חלק באלוקי ישראל”. Why is that specifically darkness? ופרצו חומות מגדלי: The connection between the 13 breaches made by the Greeks the 13 changes Chazal made when they translated the Septuagint (the first encounter with the […]

The Inspirational Essence of Chanukah

December 3, 2018, by

Chanukah provides us with a unique opportunity to make positive changes in our lives and to come closer to Hashem.  There are numerous messages of inspiration that we can and should inculcate over Chanukah and take with us after Chanukah.  To list just a few: • To love mitzvos and perform them with love and enthusiasm • […]

Chanukah: God Fights Our Wars

December 2, 2018, by

 The Miracle of the Oil Why do we celebrate Chanukah? “When the Yivanim entered the Bais HaMikdash, they defiled all the oil set aside for lighting the Menorah. When the Chashmonoim were victorious, they searched and were able to find only one small jug of oil with the Kohain Gadol’s seal intact. It had sufficient […]

The Menorah Reveals the Hidden Light of Creation

December 2, 2018, by

The Gemara says that the last miracle that can be recorded in Tanach is Purim. Why is Chanukah not eligible to be included in Tanach? Why doesn’t the Mishna directly mention Chanukah (only parenthetically)? How does learning Torah enable one to see from one end of the World to the end? Of all the parts […]

Topics of the Day: Chanukah

November 29, 2018, by

Practical halacha video clips by Rabbi Moshe Elefant for Chanukah:   Why Do We Give Gelt on Chanukah? Which Comes First? Havdala or Menorah Lighting Candle Lighting When You’re a Chanukah Guest Can I Bake or Cook While the Menorah is Lit? Am I Required to Have a Seudah on Chanukah? What can a Menorah […]