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Jewish Holidays

Rededication Revealed

November 26, 2021, by

 Shiur provided courtesy of Naaleh.com Download sources Adapted by Channie Koplowitz Stein Chanukah celebrated the purification and rededication of the Beit Hamikdosh by the Hashmonaim during the Greek occupation of Eretz Yisroel. Yet the date hearkens back to an earlier age, when the Mishkan/Tabernacle was completed in the dessert. However, Hashem declared that the inauguration of […]

Haftarah Helper for Chanukah

Download PDF After defeating the Seleucid Greeks and returning to the Temple, the Maccabees faced a dire situation: a completely defiled Temple, devoid of God’s presence. Hundreds of years earlier, the prophet Zechariah faced a similarly hopeless situation.  After Persia’s conquest of Babylon, Cyrus the Great decreed[1] that Jewish exiles there could return to Judah […]

Netflix and the Flicker of the Menorah

November 24, 2021, by

Squid Game, which contains “foul language, violence, sex, nudity, suicide, and smoking,” has gone on to become one of Netflix’s biggest shows of all time. The festival of Chanukah, which we are currently celebrating, has some light to throw on this pop cultural sensation. When lighting candles was first instituted to celebrate and commemorate the […]