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Jewish Holidays

The Message of Chanukah

December 11, 2017, by

The real celebration of Chanukah is the re-dedication of the Mikdash, the miracle of the oil was a secondary miracle that made the Jews realize that the victory over the Greeks and the re-dedication were miraculous.

Chanukah: The Imponderable of Rav Yehoshua M’Kutna

December 10, 2017, by

The gemara requires one to sell his garment in order to afford ner chanukah, but the gemara also says if you only have enough money for ner chanukah or ner shabbos, shabbos takes precedence, but one isn’t required to sell their garment to buy shabbos candles!?! Shiur provided courtesy of Torah Anytime

Burn and Scald Prevention

December 9, 2017, by

Chanukah Specific Reminders: Keep the menorah away from curtains or any other flammable objects. Keep the menorahs away from the reach of small children. When making latkes, keep ALL children away from the hot oil. When making latkes, remember to turn frying pan handles away from the edge of the stove, so that they do […]

Miracles: They Spin and Spin All Around

December 5, 2017, by

For me, dreidels are personal. In years gone by, I have been a rabbi, a teacher, a principal, a rebbi, I have been a lecturer, a communicator.  I have been so many things.  Looking back at my life is sometimes like looking through an old photograph album.  There are times I hardly recognize the man […]

Chanukah – The Power Given to Man

December 4, 2017, by

“The main reason for the decree against the Jewish people was because the Kohanim became lazy in their service.” – Bach, Tur Shulchan Aruch 670 Almost every yom tov has a festive meal associated with it; Chanukah does not. The Bach explains that Chazal established these days as a time of “praise and thanksgiving,” purely […]

Background and Laws of Chanukah

November 26, 2017, by

There is a Biblical obligation to celebrate when a Beit HaMikdash is dedicated. When we celebrate Chanukah it is in anticipation of the third Beit HaMikdash. The institution of the mitzvah of nerot Chanukah and what should be used. Is a kli required? When should children begin lighting? Should married women light? Should one light […]