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Steven Genack

Why Dairy?

June 1, 2022, by

Rav Orlofsky recently gave a shiur and presented a wonderful chiddush. He probed the question of why we eat dairy on Shavuot. His experiential answer is quite extraordinary. He explains that on this yom tov we become transformed through the Torah so that we have the ability to infuse kedusha into everything. Dairy foods on […]

Sefirah, Middot and Instant Decisions

April 26, 2022, by

The gematria of middah is 49. This is very logical as it’s a person’s middot that determines whether he is on the 49th level of tumah or tahara. The fact that the 49 notion falls out on Sefirat HaOmer is very logical based on an idea expressed by Rabbi Biderman, shlita. He says that the middle mitzvah in the Torah is Sefirat HaOmer, a time to work […]

Pesach: Purity and Goodness

March 22, 2021, by

Everyone in life want to be “good.” Whether it be a good husband, a good wife, a good shidduch or simply a good person. Good in Hebrew is tov with the gematria being 17. What’s good about 17? Firstly, the Mishna in Avot declares that 18 is the time for chuppah. That is because at 18 desires reach their peak. Therefore, up […]

The Simanim on the Farm

August 31, 2020, by

I was reflecting on my visit two years ago to a farm in New Jersey with my family. Immediately upon entering the farm, the experience of Rosh Hashanah was thrust upon me. There were numerous rams in an enclosed area. Seeing their horns, I was reminded of their bent shape to symbolize how we must […]