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Rabbi Bernie Fox

Rabbi Bernie Fox

Rabbi Bernie Fox has served on the faculty of Northwest Yeshiva High School since 1980. He was appointed Head of School in 1986. Rabbi Fox is a member of the first smichah class of Yeshiva Bnai Torah of Far Rockaway and earned Masters of Business Administration Degree from Long Island University, Brooklyn.

Personal Redemption

June 5, 2020, by

It is a positive command of the Torah to discuss the miracles and wonders that were done for our ancestors in Egypt on the night of the fifteenth of Nisan.[1] [This is] as it says, “Remember this day that you went forth from Egypt.” (Rambam, Mishne Torah, Hilchot Chametz U’Matzah 7:1) Searching for the meaning […]

Know Your Enemies

June 5, 2020, by

And it will be that when Hashem, you L-rd, grants you rest from all your enemies that surround you, in the land that Hashem, your L-rd, gives to you as a portion to possess, you should destroy the memory of Amalek from under the heavens. Do not forget. (Sefer Devarim 25:29) The relevance of the […]

Seeking Truth

May 6, 2020, by

And please, Hashem, our L-rd, make the words of Your Torah pleasant in our mouths and in the mouths of all Your people, the House of Israel. And may we and our offspring [and the offspring of our offspring] and the offspring of Your people, the House of Israel – all of us – be […]

The Shofar Communicates a Message

February 13, 2018, by

After the Torah is read and returned to its place, the congregation is seated. One person stands and recites the blessing:  Blessed are You, Hashem, L-rd of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to hear the sound of the shofar.  (Maimonides, Mishne Torah, Hilchot Shofar, Lulav, v’Sucah 3:10) The […]

An Important Message from Achashverosh

February 13, 2018, by

I wish that every student with whom I work developed according to a predictable, linear path.  Such is not the case.  Students graduate and each develops uniquely.  Some continually grow in their commitment to Torah and Judaism.  Others struggle.  Some of those who struggle experience periods during which observance becomes a daunting challenge.  Some surrender […]

It’s Not Easy Being Haman

February 13, 2018, by

And when Haman saw that Mordechai bowed not down, nor prostrated himself before him, then Haman was full of wrath.  But it seemed contemptible in his eyes to lay hands on Mordechai alone; for they had made known to him the people of Mordechai.  And Haman sought to destroy all the Jews that were throughout […]

Wine-Induced Thoughts

February 13, 2018, by

Therefore, when one conducts a meal on this night, he is required to eat and to drink while reclining in the manner of a free person. Every person – man and woman – is obligated to drink on this night four cups of wine.  One should not diminish from them. Even a poor person who […]

Partnering with Hashem

February 13, 2018, by

O how has the city that was once so populous remained lonely! She has become like a widow! She that was great among the nations, a princess among the provinces, has become tributary.  (Megilat Eichah 1:1) Hashem’s bewilderment over the destruction of Jerusalem Our Sages attribute the authorship of Megilat Eichah to the prophet Yirmiyahu […]

The Verdict of History

October 26, 2016, by

During the second Temple when the Hellenists ruled, they made decrees against Israel and suppressed their religion. They did not allow them to study Torah and perform the mitzvot.  They seized their wealth and their daughters. They entered the Sanctuary, made many breaches in it and defiled that which was sanctified.  Israel was greatly afflicted […]