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Rabbi Bernie Fox

Rabbi Bernie Fox

Rabbi Bernie Fox has served on the faculty of Northwest Yeshiva High School since 1980. He was appointed Head of School in 1986. Rabbi Fox is a member of the first smichah class of Yeshiva Bnai Torah of Far Rockaway and earned Masters of Business Administration Degree from Long Island University, Brooklyn.

Lessons from Achashverosh

February 17, 2013, by

And it was in the days of Achashverosh – the Achashverosh who ruled from Hodu to Kush – one hundred and twenty provinces. (Megilat Esther 1:1) 1.     The messages of the Megilah story The story related in Megilat Esther is constructed around the interplay between four personalities.  Mordechai and Esther are the hero and […]

Tzedakah’s Role in the Teshuvah Process

September 21, 2012, by

Among the characteristics of repentance is for the repentant individual to constantly call out before Hashem tearfully and with petitions. One should give charity according to one’s capacity. One should distance oneself from one’s sinful behavior… (Maimonides, Laws of Repentance 2:4) 1. Behaviors associated with teshuvah Maimonides explains that the process of teshuvah – repentance […]

Parashat Devarim & Tisha B’Av: Torah and the Land of Israel

July 21, 2012, by

Torah and the Land of Israel These are the words that Moshe spoke to all Yisrael, on the far-side of the Jordan, in the wilderness, on the plain opposite Suf, between Tofel, Laval, Chatzerot and Di Zahav. (Sefer Devarim 1:1) 1. Divergent interpretation of Sefer Devarim’s first passage Sefer Devarim is a record of Moshe’s […]

The Theme and Message of Chanukah

December 23, 2011, by

During the Second Temple period when the Hellenist kings ruled, they made decrees against Israel and suppressed their religion. They did not permit them to study Torah and perform mitzvot. They seized their wealth and their daughters. They entered the Sanctuary, breached its walls, and defiled the objects of purity. Israel was greatly afflicted by […]

Seek Hashem When He is to be Found

September 20, 2011, by

Even though repentance and petition are always appropriate, during the ten days between Rosh HaShanah and Yom HaKipurim it is even more appropriate and it is accepted immediately, as it is stated: Seek Hashem when He is to be found…. Yom HaKipurim is the time for repentance for the individual and for the congregation. It […]

Thoughts on Pesach: Retelling the Redemption from Egypt

April 12, 2011, by

The Essential Elements of the Commandment to Retell the Redemption from Egypt And Moshe said to the nation: Remember this day that you went forth from Egypt, from the house of bondage – for with a mighty hand Hashem took you forth from this. Leaven products should not be eaten. (Shemot 13:3) 1. A biblical […]