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Rabbi Yochanan Bechhofer

Baruch HaMakom

April 5, 2016, by

What does the name HaMakom mean and why do we refer to God that way here? What is the added blessed be He at the end? How does it lead into the section of the 4 sons? Previous: Like 70 Years Old Next: Kneged Arba Bonim: The Four Factor

Like 70 Years Old

April 5, 2016, by

The connection between Shema & the Exodus: What does mentioning the exodus at night have to do with telling the story on Pesach? Why do we mention it daily in the first place? Previous: Afilu Kulanu Chachamim…. Next: Baruch HaMakom

Afilu Kulanu Chachamim….

April 5, 2016, by

If one has all these (chachamim, nevonim, zekenim, yodim et haTorah) why retell the story? The seder is about reliving the creation of a new world order. Previous: Avadim Hayinu: Yad Chazaka vs. Zeroa Netuya Next: Like 70 Years Old

Avadim Hayinu: Yad Chazaka vs. Zeroa Netuya

April 5, 2016, by

What does it mean that we’d still be slaves in Egypt – the empire already ceased to exist? The difference between being freed by God and being freed in other ways. Previous: Mah Nishtana – The Power of a Question Next: Afilu Kulanu Chachamim….

Mah Nishtana: The Power of a Question

April 5, 2016, by

Why is magid in question-answer form – even when we already know the answer? The purpose of this format is to stop an old way of thinking & begin a new way. Previous: Understanding Yachatz – Secrets of Matzah Next: Avadim Hayinu: Yad Chazaka vs. Zeroa Netuya

Secrets of Karpas

April 4, 2016, by

Why do we specifically dip a vegetable in salt water to arouse the children’s curiosity; aren’t there other ways? Why does it have to be a vegetable? Previous: Seder Night: What’s So Orderly? Next: Understanding Yachatz – Secrets of Matzah

Breaking the Matzah

March 31, 2016, by

Our minhag is to break the matza before maggid (Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 473:6).  The Rambam (Hilchos Chametz u’Matza 8:6), however, puts it right before ha’motzi, after netilas yadayim. The basis for this difference of opinion is the Gemara in Maseches Pesachim (115b) that darshens two things from the fact that the pasuk refers to […]

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