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Rabbi Moshe Taragin

Rabbi Moshe Taragin

The History of Shmini Atzeret

October 7, 2019, by

The festival of Sukkot isn’t anchored to a particular historical period, or geographical location. It doesn’t commemorate a particular event which occurred on a specific day in history. Sitting under the sky in sheltered huts symbolizes G-d’s compassion and care for his creation in general, and for Man in particular. He safeguards us even in […]

Spare Parts

October 4, 2019, by

The holiday of Sukkot is flavored by two distinctly different mitzvoth. The experience of four minim is the most aesthetically pleasing mitzvah and the arrangement is the only object referred to by the Torah as “hadar” or “lovely” and attractive. Each of the four elements references a different feature of nature, and each item conjures […]

We Are All Yonah

September 27, 2019, by

The dramatic story of Yonah being swallowed by a whale exhibits classic teshuva themes. An entire metropolis of Ninveh, condemned to death, ultimately rallies, repents and is spared. Both Jew and non-Jew alike possess G-d-given and unlimited freedom of choice rendering teshuva a universal experience. Ninveh’s last minute redemption also highlights that it is never […]

What is the State of God in Our World?

September 18, 2017, by

Harav Amital zt”l would always speak on first day of Rosh Hashana about the presence of God in the modern world and whether it had been a good year or a bad year for His presence. This shiur is in his memory. May we all have a ketiva v’chatima tova. This shiur is reposted with […]

The Structure of Tekiyot

June 28, 2006, by

The Ramban in his “Drasha le-Rosh Hashanah” recounts a certain episode which occurred during the life of his rebbe, Rav Natan (of Trinquetaille, the 13th century Talmudist). Evidently, when the latter traveled to study with the Ritzba, the following incident took place: the ba’al tokea on Rosh Hashanah, instead of blowing three blasts for shevarim, blew […]