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Rabbi Ken Brodkin

Rabbi Ken Brodkin is the Rabbi of Congregation Kesser Israel in Portland, Oregon. He is also the Founder and Rabbinic Dean of Maayan Torah Day School. Rabbi Brodkin, together with his wife Aviel Brodkin, is passionate about helping people of all backgrounds on their Jewish journey. Originally from Massachusetts, he received his BA in History from Brandeis University. He studied at Yeshivas Toras Moshe and he is a member of the RCA. Rabbi Brodkin’s weekly broadcast, “The Torah Journey Podcast” is available on all major Podcast outlets. Follow him on Twitter @rabbibrodkin.

What Is Freedom?

July 16, 2021, by

  The Nine Days & Tisha B’Av are a time to reflect upon the Jewish meaning of freedom, and our deepest aspirations during the days of Chodesh Av. From The Torah Journey Podcast

Rediscover Ruth: A Shavuot Reflection

May 13, 2021, by

  Ruth was an unknown, destitute foreigner in her days. As we explore the lessons of her life, we find a path toward meaning in our own lives on Shavuot and beyond. From The Torah Journey Podcast

Israel: Gateway to Miracles

April 15, 2021, by

  On Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) we reflect on the miracles of Israeli history and what it means for our lives, wherever we live on G-d’s globe. From The Torah Journey Podcast

A Love Lesson

April 1, 2021, by

Connecting to the real meaning of Shir HaShirim on Pesach and beyond. From The Torah Journey Podcast