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Bassi Gruen

Bassi Gruen is a licensed social worker, a professional writer, and the Editorial Director of Targum Press. She's published hundreds of articles in numerous Jewish publications and is the author of A Mother's Musings, a collection of articles taking an honest look at the challenges and joys of motherhood. She lives with her husband, her children, and her dreams in Beitar Illit.

Seekers, Keepers

May 6, 2009, by

Back when I was growing up in Cleveland Ohio, Lag B’omer was a great excuse for a school trip. While I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit it, the countdown to Lag B’omer was nearly as fervent as the countdown to Shavuot. Up until about fourth grade we’d only go to some big park. But then we […]

Birchat HaChamah: An Illuminating Message

April 20, 2009, by

It started slowly, mere wisps of pink painted upon a deep blue sky. Then a golden glow suffused the horizon, getting brighter with each passing moment. And suddenly – she was there. She slid above the rolling mountains, first the tiniest sliver, then a half circle, and finally, a huge, glowing orb of fire. She […]

Pesach: The Ultimate Stimulus Plan

March 31, 2009, by

Few government plans have caused more furor and fury, more debate and deliberation than the $789 billion economic stimulus plan approved by both the Congress and the Senate back on Feb. 11. President Obama’s plan will pump billions of dollars into health care, education, transportation, and other sectors. It will also provide individuals and businesses […]