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OU Job Board To Present Two New Programs

August 14, 2008, by

The Orthodox Union Job Board announced two new programs today, one involving an online school in computer skills and the other calling on retired professionals to volunteer to work with job seekers. Both programs are national in scope.

Rabbi Weinreb Stirs Emotions In Tisha B’Av Webcast

August 11, 2008, by

Tzvi Elimelech Talmud of Lublin, Poland was in despair. Caught up in the Holocaust, inquiring about God’s justice and mercy, but at the same time firm in his faith, he composed a letter asking whether anyone would remember him and other victims of the Holocaust, or whether the destruction of the Jewish people would also mean the destruction of Jewish memory. He was convinced that his letter would never be seen, perhaps not even read. “I pray only that someone remembers that I existed,” he wrote.

OU West Coast Women’s Network To Resume Text Study This Fall

August 11, 2008, by

Sit this one out, gentlemen; it’s time for the ladies to study Torah. In the weeks prior to Rosh Hashanah, Geri Wiener returns for a second year to teach the Women’s Torah Network, a program of the Orthodox Union’s West Coast Region in Los Angeles. Mrs. Wiener offers women, with a basic reading knowledge of Hebrew, the opportunity to develop fundamental Torah learning skills by encouraging participation, discussion, and comprehensive textual study.

OU Leader To Be a Keynote Speaker at DNC Interfaith Gathering

August 11, 2008, by

The Democratic National Convention Committee has announced that Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, Executive Vice President of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, will be one of four keynote speakers from diverse faiths at an interfaith gathering on the eve of the Democratic Party’s nominating convention in Denver.

OU and Its Partners Obtain Homeland Security Funds to Protect Synagogues and Schools

August 7, 2008, by

When the Department of Homeland Security announced in July that $15 million in additional funding will be made available in security grants to nonprofit institutions – including many synagogues and Jewish schools – the Orthodox Union could take satisfaction that working with its partners, it played a major role in freeing up these funds to protect individuals and facilities from terrorist attacks.

OU’s YLC Introduces New Program, Women’s Executive Lunch and Learn

August 6, 2008, by

The Orthodox Union’s Young Leadership Cabinet (YLC) has introduced a new free program, “Women’s Executive Lunch and Learn,” co-sponsored with the Pepa and Rabbi Joseph Karasick Department of Synagogue Services, to provide female professional in the midtown area of Manhattan the opportunity to learn Torah during the lunchtime hour and to enjoy a casual atmosphere while networking with their peers.

OU Kosher Releases Two New DVDs on the Kashrut of Meat and Birds

August 5, 2008, by

As part of its ever-expanding initiatives in kashrut education, OU Kosher has released two DVD’s — on meat and birds — explaining the intricacies of what makes these products kosher. They follow two highly popular DVD presentations, “Kosher Kidz,” which conveys the basics of kosher certification to a youthful audience; and “The Kosher Fish Primer,” which explains the basics of identifying kosher fish and purchasing it.

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