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Second Generation of European Rabbis Being Trained At ASKOU Internship Program

August 22, 2008, by

When 26 young men gathered this week at Orthodox Union headquarters in New York for the Harry H. Beren ASKOU9 program, a three-week seminar presented in alternate summers by OU Kosher to educate the new generation of kashrut professionals, two of the students came a long way to attend the sessions: from Hungary and Ukraine, via Berlin, where they are rabbinical students.

Photo Caption: NCSY Bencher is Translated to Hungarian

August 20, 2008, by

For the past quarter century, The NCSY Bencher, A Book of Prayer and Song, has been as familiar at Jewish festivities or on the Shabbat and holiday tables as the challah. With the blessings and songs translated and transliterated from the Hebrew by David Olivestone, who is now OU National Director of Communications and Planning, the Bencher is in the 38th printing of its revised edition, 50 printings in all, with more than one-and-a-half million copies having rolled off the presses, an extraordinary number in Jewish publishing.

The Jerusalem Journey, Learning About Myself, by Claire Miller

August 18, 2008, by

I am in the car, on my way back from Miami. I am listening to Matisyahu on a CD and the song Jerusalem is playing. Instantly, I am catapulted into a stream of memories that flow from my mind. I see Hasidim dancing around the Kotel. I see hundreds of teens on a rooftop singing […]

OU Department of Synagogue Services Launches ACTT Program, September 20

August 18, 2008, by

“Guard your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit,” a verse from Psalms (34:14) and a message that is heard three times a day, paraphrased, in synagogues across the world, will be the guiding sentiment for September 20, prior to selichot, a Shabbat the Orthodox Union has designated as National Day of Lashon Hara Awareness.

OU Job Board To Present Two New Programs

August 14, 2008, by

The Orthodox Union Job Board announced two new programs today, one involving an online school in computer skills and the other calling on retired professionals to volunteer to work with job seekers. Both programs are national in scope.

Rabbi Weinreb Stirs Emotions In Tisha B’Av Webcast

August 11, 2008, by

Tzvi Elimelech Talmud of Lublin, Poland was in despair. Caught up in the Holocaust, inquiring about God’s justice and mercy, but at the same time firm in his faith, he composed a letter asking whether anyone would remember him and other victims of the Holocaust, or whether the destruction of the Jewish people would also mean the destruction of Jewish memory. He was convinced that his letter would never be seen, perhaps not even read. “I pray only that someone remembers that I existed,” he wrote.

OU West Coast Women’s Network To Resume Text Study This Fall

August 11, 2008, by

Sit this one out, gentlemen; it’s time for the ladies to study Torah. In the weeks prior to Rosh Hashanah, Geri Wiener returns for a second year to teach the Women’s Torah Network, a program of the Orthodox Union’s West Coast Region in Los Angeles. Mrs. Wiener offers women, with a basic reading knowledge of Hebrew, the opportunity to develop fundamental Torah learning skills by encouraging participation, discussion, and comprehensive textual study.

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