When Do Passover Dietary Laws End?

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29 Jun 2006

All Passover Dietary Laws remain in effect until nightfall of the eighth day of Passover.

No ChametzChametz which was in the possession or jurisdiction of a Jew during Passover, in violation of Jewish law, is forbidden for consumption by any Jew even after Passover.

What Other Restrictions Are Applicable On Passover?

Sabbath-like restrictions on work and creative activity, with the exceptions of carrying and the use of fire (with respect to cooking and the preparation of food), apply to all Jews on the first two and last two days of Passover.

Full Sabbath rules remain in effect on Friday evenings and Saturdays during Passover.

With the exception of the Sabbath, during the intermediate four days of Passover Chol Hamoed, only nonessential work activities and crafts, as defined by Jewish law, are prohibited.