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Jewish Holidays

The Manna, Tu b’Shvat and the 11-Step Process of Tikkun Ha’nefesh

January 18, 2019, by

Self Work, Self Development Avodat Hanefesh, self-development and refinement, have assumed a central place in our generation. Today there are an array of approaches to how one can best understand oneself, deal with one’s particular inner challenges, and actualize one’s unique potential. There are numerous groups and projects, each in it’s own way, focused on […]

Tu B’Shvat: The Tree as a Metaphor for Reality

January 26, 2018, by

Why is there a new year for trees? What is the connection between the word עץ (tree) and עצה (advice)? The connection to the 2 trees in Gan Eden – the עץ הדעת טוב ורע and the עץ החיים. Delivered 1/25/18 at the Young Israel of Long Beach L’ilui Nishmas Dovid ben Reuven Michoel z”l

Of God and Goats: Tales of Faith and Farming

January 18, 2018, by

How farming and spirituality go hand in hand. Miriam Shechter, a Chabad farmer from Moshav Sdei Trumot shares how working the land made her realize how much we all really depend on God on a daily basis. Recorded at OU Israel’s L’Ayla Rosh Chodesh Women’s Event