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Jewish Holidays

Shavuot – A Dairy Delicious Feast

May 10, 2007, by

Shavuot is the festival that commemorates the receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. It is customary to eat dairy dishes, especially sweet ones such as cheese blintzes and cheesecakes, which symbolize the sweetness of the Torah. Blintzes are a traditional treat because they also represent the shape of the Torah. Other traditional dairy dishes […]

A Prophecy for All Times

June 30, 2006, by

The very first Rashi in the Torah makes the following comment. “Really, the Torah should have began with Hachodesh Hazeh Lochem (the Mitzvah of Rosh Chodesh) but a time will come when the nations of the world will call us burglars for taking the land of Israel. At that time we should tell them how […]

Shavuot Lesson

June 30, 2006, by

The Torah, in describing the Giving of the Law, says: “And Moses brought the people out of the camp to meet G-d, and they stood at the bottom of the mountain” (Exod. 19:17). The actual Hebrew for the last phrase is: “Visyatzvu BESACHTIS hahar”, which could be translated more literally as: “they stood UNDER the […]

Chag Same’ach from Riverdale

June 30, 2006, by

It was during the time of Shavuot that the Jews at Sinai declared to God, “na’aseh ve-nishma, we will do and we will listen (to the commandments).” (Exodus 24:7) This order is perplexing as one usually does the opposite, and listens before deciding to act. In his Mikhtav M’Eliyahu, Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler offers an understanding […]

G-d, Spouses and Preparation

June 30, 2006, by

It’s a big hoax: On the fiftieth day: That’s when the Torah, in this week’s Parsha tells us to celebrate the holiday of Shavuot. If you look carefully, though, you realize that it just ain’t so. Follow: According to the Gemara in Shabbat the Torah was given to Bnei Yisrael on Shabbat. We also find […]

Sinai – Remembering the Miracle

June 30, 2006, by

These days, with my hectic schedule, I find that I do almost all of my shopping via catalogs, but over this past Passover I actually had a chance to go shopping in a real live store. The man who was helping me told me that I should wish him a zissen Pesach, a happy Passover, […]

Chag Same’ach from Efrat

June 30, 2006, by

Of all the memorable historical occurrences in the Torah, none is more significant than the day of the revelation at Sinai, when Israel received the Torah from G d. Nevertheless, unlike the date of the exodus from Egypt (Passover, celebrated on the 15th day of Nissan) and the original date of the clouds of glory […]

Megillat Ruth

June 30, 2006, by

It is an almost universal Jewish custom to read Megillas Ruth on Shavuos. The most widely-accepted basis for reciting the story of Ruth is her conversion to Judaism, for it was – on a small, personal scale – a recreation of the grandiose acceptance of Torah at Har Sinai by the entire Jewish nation many […]

Three Approaches to Remembering

June 30, 2006, by

Reb Levi Yitzchok of Berditshev was asked to explain why Shavuot is also referred to as Atzeret, even though the Torah only uses the term Atzeret in association with Shemini Atzeret, not Shavuot. He offered three explanations. First, all festivals have specific practical mitzvah observances associated with their celebrations, beyond the mere forbiddance of labor […]

Shavuot Tidbits

June 30, 2006, by

MISC. REVIEW FOR SHAVUOT Hard to be brief. I’ll try. SOP (standard operating procedure) for women lighting Shabbat candles is light them, cover eyes, say Bracha. Should have been Bracha before lighting, but maybe Bracha is acceptance of Shabbat and then lighting would be forbidden. Yom Tov should be Bracha then light because we can […]

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