Seder Table Checklist

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29 Jun 2006

1. Three Matzot (covered)
The Matzot can either be part of the Seder Plate (if the plate is so constructed) or left separately. Also, they should be whole.

Checklist2. Haggadah

3. Wine

4. Seder Plate

5. Kiddush cup (at least 3.3 oz.)

6. Saucer (for spilling wine when plagues are mentioned.)

7. Extra Matzah (covered-optional; This Matzah need not be on the table.)

8. Cup of Elijah

9. Salt Water

10. Extra Marror (This Marror need not be on the table.)

11. Pillow (for leaning)

12. Kittel (a white garment worn by all married men except one who is in mourning. Some have the custom that a Chatan (groom) during the first year of marriage does not wear a Kittel.)