Passover Safety Tips

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23 Mar 2009

Provided by the New York Board of Rabbis

The week prior to Pesach is a high scald and burn time within the Jewish community. Special burn prevention care needs to be taken at this time.

1. Never allow children near boiling water when cleaning for Pesach. Adults need to take extra precautions at this time as well.

2. Be aware that oven cleaners (such as Easy-Off) cause severe burns. Be extremely cautious when using these products.

3. Bedikat Chametz (Searching for Chametz)

a. Keep the candle away from all flammable objects, especially curtains, sofas, tablecloths.*


4. Burning Chametz

a. Keep an extra close eye on children at this time.

b. If possible, set up a buddy system where an older child is placed with a younger child.

c. Never use any type of accelerant to increase the flame. Never put any type of aerosol can in or near the flame.

5. Preparing for Seder in the kitchen – Increased activity and excitement often make people less careful just when they should be most cautious. A “NO ZONE” around both the stove and the blech should be created and children forbidden to enter these areas.

6. Always turn pot handles inward to keep pots from being pulled down by a child or knocked off by an adult.

7. Candles/Licht – Keep Shabbat, Yom Tov and Yahrzeit candles on sideboards, out of the reach of small children. If candles are on the table, keep them in the center where they are less likely to be pulled down by a small child.

*Note from OU Torah: The OU Guide to Passover mentions a widely-accepted practice to start bedikat chametz with a candle, then to switch to a flashlight. Not only is this safer, it enables one to more easily see into small areas. If you have any questions about the permissibility of using a flashlight for all or part of bedikat chametz, consult your rabbi.