Pardes Program for The Three Weeks

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19 Jul 2011
The Three Weeks

In an age when Jews the world over are searching for a more meaningful life, the Orthodox Union has developed a Spiritual Fitness Program to aid you, your family, your friends and your community in this quest – The Pardes Project.

How Does It Work?

Eight times a year, a fully translated Torah source book on a particularly compelling, provocative, contemporary topic is distributed by the OU to the registered groups in the project.

The source books are especially designed to maximize the participation of the individual within a group setting and can be used equally by those with strong Torah backgrounds and those to whom this is the first foray into the world of Torah learning.

Does It Work?

Yes! the OU Pardes Torah Project has successfully formed Torah discussion groups throughout North and South America, Israel, South Africa, Great Britain and Australia, in homes, shuls and on college campuses.

As the flagship of the OU’s Division of Jewish Education, the OU Pardes Torah Project has seen results that have been nothing short of amazing.

The material, dealing with provocative topics such as: Love & Hate; How to Disagree; Repairing the Future; Violence; Leadership and Spirituality is appropriate regardless of religious knowledge, affiliation or background.