Rosh Hashanah

Judgment on Rosh HaShanah: Analysis of Content and Process in a Talmudic Aggadah

September 10, 2015

Twenty five years ago, the Orthodox Union (in conjunction with Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim) published a journal entitled, Jewish Thought: A Journal of Torah Scholarship, edited by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Sosevsky. This amazing journal has been out of print, but we are working on re-releasing the articles online.

In preparation for Rosh Hashanah, please enjoy this article written by Rabbi Beryl Gershenfeld in the journal’s first volume. Rabbi Gershenfeld is the Rosh Yeshiva of Machon Shlomo and Machon Yaakov, as well as the founder of the Meor movement on college campuses. He has been a world-renowned leader in Jewish outreach for decades.

In the attached PDF, Judgment on Rosh HaShanah: Analysis of Content and Process in a Talmudic Aggadah, Rabbi Gershenfeld presents the unique style and approach necessary for understanding Talmudic aggadah. His analysis centers around the imagery in Mishna Rosh HaShana 1:2, which is invoked during the U’Nesaneh Tokef prayer. What does it mean that all of mankind pass before God on Rosh HaShanah, like sheep passing beneath a rod? What does this Mishna teach us about our obligations to God, to our communities, and to each other?

Prepare for the inspiring times of Rosh HaShanah with an equally inspiring and innovative approach to this day’s significance.

Special thanks to Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin

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