Korech: The “Matzah Rap”

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24 Mar 2009

KorechHillel read the words of the Torah about the Pesach lamb, “on matzah and bitter herbs you shall eat it,” and he took it literally. And so the sandwich was invented. When we look at the many commandments that we have to keep we find that they are multiple expressions of a single spiritual path, Jews are multiple faces to a single soul, as a symphony with a single conductor playing a single melody.

Especially in these hard times of economic turmoil and spiritual darkness we need to learn how to trust in Hashem, but that requires faith.

Matza is called the “Bread of Faith” because by eating it you are actually connecting back to Hashem and gaining an understanding that He is are guiding you through life, to reach the true goal that has been set for you.

When we make ourselves into a temple for the Divine, the bitter, the sweet and the tasteless challenges of life wrap together in a single sandwich.