Foods Which May Not Be Used On Passover

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29 Jun 2006

The OU emblem is the registered trademark (U.S. Patent #636,593 and #1,087,891) of the Kashruth Division of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. It may be used only by authority of the Orthodox Union Kashruth Division. This guide is a list of certified kosher products for use for Passover, is published annually and is valid for that year only.

Pesach Coke Bottle CapProducts appearing in this directory are endorsed as kosher only when bearing the emblem on the label. Consumers are directed to check the ingredient panel of products on a regular basis for changes in the pareve/dairy status that may occur as a result of information.

Note: Consumers should look for P or Kosher for Passover on all products. Products listed in this directory that are Kosher for Passover without special Passover supervision are so marked.

In the hard-copy version of this directory, products have also been identified by consumer, institutional, and industrial. (Consumer-retail, available to consumers, institutional-sold in bulk, industrial non-consumer trade). This hard-copy is available for $10 by e-mailing

We encourage you to ask your local grocer or supermarket manager to stock those products that are not readily available in your area.

You may obtain regular Kashruth updates online at this website or via our Kosher Alerts email list.

Kashruth Information


All endorsed Passover products do not contain corn or soy oil, corn syrup, dextrose or any legumes. Inflated costs of natural cane sugar and cottonseed oil may result in a higher price for some endorsed Passover foods.

Egg & Grape Matzah

Matzoh made with fruit juice or eggs is permissible on Passover only for the elderly, the sick or young children who cannot digest regular Matzoh. The following Matzohs fall into this category: Egg Matzoh, Chocolate Covered Egg Matzoh, White Grape Matzoh, Grape Bit Crackers.

Meat, Poultry and Fish

All kosher raw poultry, meats and fish bearing the seal are Kosher for Passover with the exception of Empire turkey burgers. This product requires a P label. Poultry products with sauce, pre-cooked poultry and meat, poultry and meat provisions, and delicatessen products must bear special Kosher for Passover certification. Poultry livers must be removed from the cavity and broiled separately. In purchasing packaged poultry parts, the consumer must be certain that the sealed package and the inner cellophane wrapper have not been tampered with.

Latest Times for Eating and Burning Chametz

In order to observe the Passover laws properly, it is vital that accurate guidance be obtained from an Orthodox Rabbi. Only then is one assured that the home is properly prepared for Passover.

Likewise, an Orthodox rabbinic authority must be consulted on questions pertaining to Bedikat chametz (the search for chametz) Mechirat chametz (the sale of chametz), Sof Zman Achilat chametz (the latest time for eating chametz), Biur chametz (the latest time for burning of the chametz), and on questions regarding the Seder, products, and medicines.

The the latest times for the eating and disposal of chametz on Erev Pesach (Passover Eve) are different each year.

Two sets of times are provided. One set is based on the Mogen Avraham, and the other set is based on the Vilna Gaon. If your city is not listed, be sure to consult the local Orthodox rabbinic authority for the appropriate times in your area.