Conclusion and Summation

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30 Jun 2006

Let us consider the following selection as an appropriate summation of all we have learned about Elul and Teshuva:

Summary“When you really get down to it, teshuvah today is a kind of death and rebirth: a demise of the past and a birth of a new life and a new creature. There is a severing with the previous “me” and the creation of a new “me” who has a new awareness, a new sensitivity, new ambitions and dreams and longings.

“Somehow, the connections to the new life become very powerful, and at the end of the trail, the rewards are enormous: a sense of having returned home and of being part of our majestic tradition, a sense of the grandeur and beauty and warmth of it all, the awareness of God’s presence in one’s daily life, the feeling of meaning and purpose that permeates one’s self.

“Life becomes coherent and whole again.”

And remember…

A Journey of a Mile begins with One Small Step