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Jewish Holidays

Megillat Esther: Introduction

June 29, 2006, by

Introduction Purim is known as the Holiday of the “nes nistar,” the “hidden miracle.” This is because HaShem saved the Jewish People without splitting any seas, or making mountains dance and catch fire, as he had done with Mt. Sinai, when he gave His Torah to the Jewish People there some thirty three hundred years […]

When is Purim Observed?

June 29, 2006, by

Purim is different from all other Jewish holidays in at least one very interesting aspect. Purim is observed in some places exclusively on the 14th of Adar and in others, exclusively on the 15th (Shushan Purim). The observance of Purim was thus originally ordained by the Sages: “To observe these days of Purim in their […]

Purim and its Mitzvot

June 26, 2006, by

Purim has four main Mitzvot: The Reading of the Megillah (Mikra Megillah) The Festive Purim Meal (Seudat Purim) Sending Gifts (Mishloach Manot) Gifts to the poor (Matanot l’Evyonim) As for prayer adaptations, the Torah portion of ‘and Amalek came’ is read Purim morning, and Al-Hanisim is added to the Shmoneh Esray (Silent Prayer) and Birkat […]

Esther’s Story: A Matter of Will

March 11, 2006, by

The Megillah is a story of the Jewish people…but the Megillah is also the story or Esther the individual…Esther sent a message to the sages of her generation and said “Establish me for generations”….

The Entire Story of Purim

March 9, 2006, by

The Entire Story of Purim- Purim centers around appreciating Hashem’s hand in the survival of the Jews of Shushan. Most of us know bits and pieces of the Purim story but fail to appreciate how each of the episodes interrelate to understand how miraculous the story of Purim really was.

Esther: The Secret to Greatness

March 9, 2006, by

Esther: the Secret to Greatness – arguably the most significant character in the story of Purim was Esther. Who was Esther and what was her secret in rising from a quiet girl that just listened to whatever Mordechai said, to a powerful heroine that took on Haman and Achashverosh to save the Jews from their […]