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Jewish Holidays

Selected Haggadah Chants

March 22, 2007, by

Selected Haggadah Chants: an explanation of the nusah chant for Ha Lachma Anya and musical origin and usage of Adir Hu. Presented by: Cantor Bernard Beer, Director, Philip and Sarah Belz School of Jewish Music. accompanied by Cantor Eric S. Freeman

The Kashrus of Medicine for Pesach

March 21, 2007, by

G-d wants us to guard our health. G-d wants us to avoid eating Chametz during Pesach. What do we do when these imperatives conflict? What does one do when a medicine contains fermented grains or legumes? OU Kashruth is happy to present Rabbi Mintz, the Rabbinic Coordinator charged with recording OU policy, in a special […]

A Fresh Passover

March 21, 2007, by

As Pesach draws closer, we get more and more engrossed in our “Pesach cleaning.” The Torah prohibits us from having any form of chametz (leaven) in our homes on Pesach and, as a result, we diligently clean our homes of any last remnant of leaven. Chametz is fermented dough, i.e. dough that has been left […]

Products and Medications for Use on Pesach

March 20, 2007, by

Products and Medications for use on Pesach. Presented Rabbi David Mintz an OU Rabbinic Coordinator of Psak and Policy. Recorded on March 18, 2007 at Lincoln Square Synagogue in NY,NY as part of the Harry H. Beren Ask OU8 Pesach Yom Iyun .

Kashering for Pesach

March 20, 2007, by

Kashering for Pesach: A Demonstration by Rabbi Moshe Perlmutter an OU Rabbinic Field Representative and Kosherization Specialist. Recorded on March 18, 2007 at Lincoln Square Synagogue in NY,NY as part of the Harry H. Beren Ask OU8 Pesach Yom Iyun.

Kitniyot: The Next Best Thing to Chametz

February 26, 2007, by

Only five grains can ferment to become chometz (leavened); why are so many more forbidden during Pesach? Join Rabbi Mintz, OU Kashruth Rabbinic Coordinator charged with recording OU P’sak and Policy, in a thorough exploration of the topic of Kitniyot (“legumes”). How did such a custom start among the Ashkenazim? To what foods does it […]

Five Cups: Reb Mordechai Rosen z”l

June 29, 2006, by

What does Hashem Elokecha ask from you, but to fear Hashem Elokecha and to walk in His ways? (Devarim, 10:13) PESACH One of the four sons discussed in the Haggadah is the Rashah. The Rashah asks, “Mah HaAvodah Hazos Lachem,” what is this Avodah for you? On Shavuot we say “Chetzi L’Hashem v’Chetzi Lachem”, half […]

Passover Insight: The 4 Sons

June 29, 2006, by

Dear friends, I would like to share with you an interpretation of the ”Four Children” of the Passover Haggadah, which I found to be personally meaningful. According to Rabbi Yehudah Leib Chasman, a noted teacher of musar – Torah ethics, the ”Four Children” should not be understood as four distinct personalities, as the traits exemplified […]

Hilchot Pesach: Bedikat Chametz

June 29, 2006, by

BEDIKAT CHAMETZ WHEN TO PERFORM THE BEDIKA 1) On the eve of the fourteenth of Nissan one is required to search one’s home or domain for all chametz (SA 433-1). If one can only perform the bedika either on the thirteenth by day or on the fourteenth by day, one should perform the bedika on […]

Hotter Than Fire

June 29, 2006, by

The ultimate purpose of the ten plagues was: “In order that you should tell your son and grandson…” For if the purpose of the plagues was simply in order that Pharaoh should let free B’nei Yisroel, HaShem could have immediately brought number ten, the slaying of the first born, and Pharaoh would have conceded. Thus […]