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Jewish Holidays

Kislev: Finding Life Amidst the Dead of Winter

November 21, 2022, by

Although this time of year corresponds with the frigid winter, it is not a period of morbidity and despair, rather of hope and positivity. This is borne out by a deeper study of the mazal (zodiac sign) of Kislev: keshes (a rainbow). The hues of the rainbow’s light, coupled with the neiros Chanukah, iconize the […]

Elul: The Poignant Inner Voice When the Shofar Falls Silent

September 20, 2022, by

The shofar is blaring and noisy. It seeks to be invasive! Like the shrill alarm clock, it wakes us up from our stupor and spiritual apathy. But then comes and even more powerful sound, powerful in its silence–the ”קול דממה דקה”, our quiet inner voice. Lasting teshuvah is cast by the spell of this composed […]

Shabbat Rosh Chodesh

Download PDF This Haftarah, Isaiah’s final prophecy, presents visions of Israel in the Land, in exile, and in an apocalyptic redemption with the rest of humanity. In the Land, many Jews, falsely convinced of their own righteousness, reject and mock those who truly fear God. These mockers sacrifice to God but otherwise act evilly and reject […]